Privacy Policy


It is the policy of Napoli Foods, Inc. (“Napoli”) to protect and safeguard the confidential nature of personal, non-public information that it may obtain concerning its employees, customers, contractors and other individuals. This information includes, for example, social security numbers, driverÕs license numbers, state identification cards, account numbers, credit or debit numbers, passport numbers, alien registration numbers, and health insurance identification numbers (“Personal Information”).

Napoli only will disclose Personal Information on a strict business need-to-know basis and to the extent required or permitted by law. Napoli will use commercially reasonable safeguards to prevent unauthorized access and disclosure of Personal Information. Although security cannot be guaranteed, Napoli will maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to minimize the risk of unauthorized access or disclosure of such information.

Napoli will destroy, erase, shred, or make unreadable its business records that contain Personal Information prior to disposing such information. Napoli may dispose of Personal Information by contracting with a person or firm engaged in the business of disposing of records that contain confidential information.

Employees are prohibited from accessing, using, disclosing, or revealing Personal Information for unauthorized purposes. Employees only may acquire and use Personal Information for legitimate business purposes and must safeguard the privacy of the information and take reasonable measures to ensure that Personal Information is protected from disclosure and misappropriation.

Consistent with these policies, Napoli may impose disciplinary measures for actions not in compliance with this policy. All complaints or allegations of violations of this policy will be investigated and Napoli will take appropriate action.