About Us

Napoli Foods is a family owned and operated company focused on bringing the very best imported and regional food and non food items to the foodservice industry.  We stock over 4,000 items in our state-of-the-art distribution facility in Cheshire, CT and several satellite locations.  Commitment to quality is the hallmark of our business, we spend countless hours traveling the global searching for the very best products to bring to you. Our customers relay  on our knowledgeable staff and on-time deliveries to meet there business needs.  Most importantly, we remain independently owned and operated, which allows us to make our decisions based on the needs of our customers rather than stockholders.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Exclusive quality Napoli branded imported and domestic products.
  • Dedication to customer service
  • Our people
  • Competitive pricing
  • Complete catalog of nationally known products  
  • A fleet of clean and dependable trucks